GRAYBOY has consistently proven itself to be the most innovative and responsive training organization of codes and standards in the electrical industry. GRAYBOY interactive courses combine lecture, workbook, and visual aids that dramatically improves the student’s visual perception and retention of the material. Thousands of individuals and numerous corporations have placed their trust in GRAYBOY for the training of their personnel in OSHA electrical regulations and the National Electrical Code.

On-Site Training is the perfect choice for companies that need to train groups of employees. You get a maximum number of employees trained in new skills in a minimal amount of time for one flat fee. They receive the same message at the same time, creating synergy to the learning experience that gets everyone “on the same page.”

GRAYBOY Seminar 
Seminar Training is simply a group of people coming together for the discussion and learning of specific techniques and topics. There will be a keynote speaker for each seminar, and this speaker is an expert in his or her field, or topics.

GRAYBOY Sponsorship
Through sponsorship of a GRAYBOY Seminar, an association or organization will not only derive momentary benefits, but also offer its members the continuing education that is needed by all people whose career is in the electrical industry, thereby creating an opportunity to promote and increase the membership of such a sponsor.

On-Site Training

Video Training

Presentation Courses