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Onsite Training

On-site training can be held anywhere that is preferable. The site can be your headquarters, a branch office, a nearby conference center or hotel. You also have an optional format that includes the amount of time allowed for the training, such as  half-day, full-day, two-day, or week-long sessions. Finally, you have flexibility in scheduling which can be any day of the week, nights, or weekends. Whatever is the most convenient and cost effective for your organization.
Stallcup’s Electrical Sign and Outline Lighting Book is the only electrical book to date that has been written for the electrical sign industry. For this reason, every effort has been made to include all of the necessary topics that are of interest to those individuals who work in the sign industry as well as UL Tips, Design Tips, Engineering Tips, Calculations, and Installation and Inspection forms.
This publication is based on the 2017 NEC® and applies to the design, installation, and inspection of all wiring methods used in the electrical system. The procedures and techniques discussed in this book are used by electricians, designers, and inspectors to verify that the electrical system is safe and reliable and complies with the NEC®. 


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